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Kinetik Care Brings New Edge to NEMT Industry

When Sufian Chowdhury talked to a friend based in Brooklyn, NY in the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry, Chowdhury recalled his friend telling him how various billing solutions and products made managing his payments, vendors and accounts so complicated.

He immediately thought there could be a way to streamline that process for his friend and others in the industry — and that’s how Kinetik was born.

“I realized it wasn’t just a local Brooklyn problem; it was a nationwide problem for transport providers to manage their revenues,” said Chowdhury, CEO and founder of Kinetik Care.

Chowdhury started Kinetik four years ago, offering streamlined solutions for transportation providers, particularly within the NEMT industry, with tools to automate billing and manage day-to-day operations. It takes what is typically a cumbersome process — hours and hours of processing bills and uploading it onto a system — and puts it all into one platform.

“The challenge is cash flow issues,” he explained. “For a lot of transport companies, when they’re working with various different accounts, they’re getting paid every 30, 45, 60 days and in some cases, 90 days, so how do you expect these transport companies to stay in business when their float is 30 days or 45 days [before] getting paid?”

Kinetik’s goal, though, is simple, he added:

“Our goal is to bring transparency to this industry, as well as improve the billing process for local transport providers … [and] improve the overall billing process and revenue management process for health plans and brokers,” he said.

Before starting Kinetik, Chowdhury wasn’t even aware the NEMT industry existed, despite coming from a healthcare background. Soon, he realized that there was loads of potential for a service of Kinetik’s nature, especially in the budding industry that spans across the country.

Another large component of Kinetik’s design is its simplicity, enabling users with various technological backgrounds to effectively use the platform. For those who don’t use technology in their day-to-day operations, Kinetik, Chowdhury emphasized, takes that into account.

“We hired some of the top designers — folks who’ve built products for niche marketplaces. It’s a very minimalistic product in terms of user experience,” Chowdhury said. “We know the challenges we’re going to be facing in this industry, which, again, is the vast majority of folks not using technology, so there’s heavy emphasis on streamlining and simplifying the user’s experience from using our product.”

What sets Kinetik apart from others is that, unlike other clearing houses, Kinetik is focused on the NEMT industry. With a large amount of funding from investors, Chowdhury added, it allows the company to provide aggressive pricing to meet its customers needs.

“You have a true tech startup that’s heavily focused in a niche marketplace that’s filled with traditional businesses and traditional software companies. We care more about streamlining the process and digitizing the marketplace,” he said.

With TTA, Kinetik has worked closely with providers like zTrip based in Kansas City, MO and M7 in West Haven, CT. Chowdhury said he’s impressed by TTA’s initiative to “bring the industry together.”

“It’s a very fragmented marketplace with a lot of competition, but I think TTA has created an atmosphere where different people come together and learn more about improving their services,” he said.

Please join us in welcoming Kinetik to The Transportation Alliance!

Posted By Amanda Munger | 6/7/2021 9:29:41 AM