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Keep Customers Coming Back With Rewards

Jason Gauer, the creator of Gauer Modules, has been involved in the transportation industry for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he started going to work with his father, who now owns VIP Taxi in Arizona but began early on in Illinois. When he graduated from high school, he began working full time at his father’s taxi company in the Chicagoland Suburbs.

Growing up in a family steeped in transportation, Gauer always knew that customer retention was a challenge. As a tech savvy person who already knew how to build websites by the age of 12, Gauer knew it was a problem he could solve.

And so, in 2018, Gauer launched Gauer Modules, a fully automated customer loyalty suite that focuses on reviews, rewards and retention.

Normally, developers create products that they think a business might need, but “being the operator of a company, I knew what my problems were, and I knew the best way to fix them,” Gauer says. His time working as a call taker for many years gave him a unique insight into the problems that customers usually face and the best ways to fix them.

Gauer created a rewards system that allows customers to collect points based on the trips they take. Customers can then redeem those points for rewards, like gift cards to their local grocery store or towards future transportation. Gauer Modules creates a symbiotic relationship between taxi companies and customers, in which customers rely on collecting rewards to help with their necessities, and companies rely on customers to keep using their service.

“Not many businesses do the outreach to say that they could have done better, and at the same time, offer something to customers as they continue to make improvements,” he says. Gauer Modules gives businesses the tools to quickly address problems that customers have and make up for any bad experiences.

Oddly enough, Gauer never set out to grow Gauer Modules into its own stand-alone business. He initially created his rewards system specifically for VIP Taxi, but then quickly saw it garner interest from operators around the country, and even as far away as London. Now Gauer Modules has over 9,000 riders enrolled in the United States and in the United Kingdom. VIP Taxi has found so much success with Gauer Modules in creating brand loyalty, that they have stopped using other marketing services. Now, they rely solely on free word-of-mouth marketing from the customers they were able to retain who are riding and earning points daily

Gauer has been involved in TTA for several years through his family’s taxi company affiliation with the association. But at last year’s Annual Convention & Expo Gauer decided to become an exhibitor on his own with Gauer Modules, now a member in its own right.

What’s one of the best things about TTA membership, according to Gauer? “You get to meet other operators and learn from the breakout sessions, which I thought was the coolest thing because you get to learn how other people are handling the problems that they’re facing.”

Gauer Modules hosted a webinar for TTA operator members on how reward programs are proven to inspire brand loyalty, encourage repeat business, and allow for happy customers to get something in return by using your service. Members can view the webinar here.

Even for those who know Jason and his family, please welcome Gauer Modules, one of The Transportation Alliance’s newest vendor members!

By: Lilly Wilcox

Posted By Rachel Wells | 6/16/2020 11:53:24 AM