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Which Paratransit Name Tops the Rest?

The members of the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association, along with our peers in the transportation industry, can be creative. They brand their vehicles with bright colors and clever slogans while dreaming up new promotions and navigating tough challenges.

Our colleagues providing transportation services for people with disabilities have taken it a step further, and have us asking, what’s in a name?

They’ve taken it upon themselves to rename their fleets. So, we wanted to know, which paratransit name reigns supreme? We asked our Twitter followers that question in an unscientific poll conducted last month. Our nominees were Bionic Bus, Cherry Lyft, Handy Bus, and the always-present Other.

Which one took first place? The Cherry Lift.

We at TLPA thought the Bionic Bus would surely win the vote, but the Cherry Lyft snuck ahead at the last minute and took the top spot with 28 percent of the 206 votes. The Bionic Bus came in second, with 27 percent of the vote, and all Other came in third, with 24 percent of the vote. Handy Bus garnered 21 percent of the vote.

Our followers chimed in with their own suggestions, including Golden Empire Transit’s system, called GET-A-Lift. (Not bad. Not bad at all.)

What do you think?

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Posted 4/19/2017 1:28:39 PM