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Social Media: The New Frontier in Customer Service That You Can’t Ignore

Social media has completely changed the way we do business and more specifically, how we do customer service. What used to be a phone call to a business has turned into a Facebook post or a tweet. In fact, 67 percent of customers now turn to these social platforms for customer service, and customers who have positive customer care experiences are three times as likely to recommend a company.

And what we’ve learned at Metro Taxi Connecticut is that it can be an incredible way to create and maintain positive customer relations. Our Facebook page is an outlet where we’ve consistently had the opportunity to interact with customers.

Take, for instance, an interaction we recently had with a regular customer. He scheduled a ride with Metro Taxi Connecticut for a doctor’s appointment, he was anxious and wanted to get his test results, but a snowstorm and a few crossed wires with his son who booked the cab lead to our customer missing his appointment.

As a business, we always strive for better. We take negative comments very seriously.

Later, he reached out to us on our Facebook page by leaving a negative comment on one of our posts. We took the conversation into a private message and researched the trip as part of our customer service process. We assured him that he was a valued customer and it was important to us to find out what took place.

As it turns out, the mix up was on his end. He explained that his negative comment was driven by his anxiety over his medical test results and he apologized for the comment. We told him we understood his situation and, because he was a loyal customer, we wanted to give him a gift certificate as well as connect him with a personal driver who he could contact directly. Blown away by our instantaneous and sincere approach to customer service, he thanked us for our “empathy and concern”, and assured us he would be a “lifelong customer”.

That’s all it took, and it embodies everything your social media customer care should be: Quick, personal, and effortless for the customer. For a business owner, it can improve your customer relations because you have any easy way to track and follow up with customers. What’s more, there are opportunities that allow you to show the human, more personal side of your business. Social media is a powerful tool to reach out and touch someone, especially if you’re in the right.

Our Facebook communication assured this customer that we valued him as a customer and as a person. Our social media channels are bringing us closer to our customers than ever before, and harnessing this power to bring top-notch customer service is the future of our industry and how we’re moving our fleet forward.

Bill and Isabelle Scalzi are the owners of Metro Taxi Connecticut. Bill Scalzi is the current president of TLPA. Want to read more on social media and customer care? Here’s more on that topic.

Posted 4/5/2017 3:02:40 PM