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The information below chronicles The Transportation Alliance's activities from June 2015 to present. If you would like to know more, click here for news going all the way back to 2003!

  • 1/30/2019

    TLPA Urges Denver to Protect Rights of Passengers with Disabilities

    (ROCKVILLE, MD)—The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) is calling on Denver authorities to strengthen and enforce regulations that protect the rights to transportation services of passengers with disabilities.

    The trade association issued a statement following media reports that a college student with a service dog was allegedly denied a ride by an Uber driver. According to those reports, a Regis University student ordered the vehicle in order to avoid icy conditions on her way to class on January 24. But when the vehicle arrived, the driver allegedly refused to take her because of her dog, a licensed service animal, media reported.

    “It’s terrible that this young woman had to go through this ordeal,” said Alfred LaGasse, CEO of the TLPA, a 101-year old professional trade association whose members operate fleets on four continents. “Transportation for hire is an extension of public transportation. It is inexcusable for any professional driver to ever deny service to people with disabilities. But there can be a silver lining here: The city can use this unfortunate incident as a catalyst to review how regulations can be strengthened and better enforced so this never happens again.”

    As a 101-year-old professional trade association, a core part of its membership consists of paratransit operators who provide transportation for people with disabilities, passengers who use wheelchairs, and others who require non-emergency medical transportation.
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