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The information below chronicles The Transportation Alliance's activities from June 2015 to present. If you would like to know more, click here for news going all the way back to 2003!

  • 4/13/2016

    Three Major North American Transportation Apps Partner with UpTop

    (ROCKVILLE, Md.)—The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA), in partnership with the European-based road transport organization IRU, is pleased to announce three additional major North American apps—zTrip, Curb and The Ride—have joined IRU’s UpTop global taxi network.

    The UpTop network, which provides high quality, safe and legal taxi services to customers around the world, now includes 17 partner apps on five continents, covering more than 500,000 taxis worldwide and representing more than 10% of the global legal taxi market.

    The three new additions are another step in answering the growing calls by passengers for a global taxi app to hail licensed vehicles. zTrip is backed by one of the world’s leading transport groups Transdev. Curb is America’s oldest and largest taxi app and present in over 60 US cities and is backed by Verifone. The Ride is a highly innovative app that provides direct links to public transport across Canada.

    Yves Mannaerts, President of IRU’s Passenger Transport Council, said, “I am pleased to be able to welcome these major taxi apps in North America to the IRU’s UpTop global taxi network. These three new partners represent a significant step in enhancing our presence in North America and in further advancing the network’s coverage and the service provided to customers.”

    Alfred LaGasse, the CEO of the TLPA, said, “The addition of these major apps to the UpTop network means greater service, reliability and portability for passengers looking for seamless on-demand services, similar to what roaming did for mobile phone coverage.” The TLPA works with IRU to evaluate North American apps that wish to apply to the UpTop global taxi network.

    Dwight Kines of Transdev said, “zTrip is very pleased to be certified by the UpTop global taxi network and excited to be part of the roaming process as we look to build a truly global network of quality taxi operations that are linked together through a united app.”

    Jason Gross, Verifone's Global Head of Product and Marketing Taxi Systems stated, “There’s growing appreciation everywhere for the high standards of traditional taxis – for their reliability, value to the community, and of course their safety. We are proud to be certified by UpTop as confirmation of our joint mission to protect the rights of drivers and passengers, and to advocate for safety, security and transparency in everything we do.”

    Nick Quain from The Ride said, “We’re really pleased to receive the UpTop certification, as this designation is an important international indication to consumers and industry alike of the high quality, reliability and safety of The Ride app.”

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